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    Winter Dance Concert:
    Bound in Before

    Dec. 6-15, 2019

Winter Dance Concert: Bound in Before

December 6-15, 2019
PNC Theatre at Pittsburgh Playhouse

A World Premiere
Directed and Choreographed by: Kiesha Lalama
Conceived and written by: Kiesha Lalama & Jacob John White
Original Music by: Jason Coll

Bound in Before is a dance theater piece; a reflectional tale about an everlasting bond between a man and a woman that is sure to hit home and resonate with anyone that remembers the magical memories of their first love. 

We meet Mikey McWilliams and Claire Henderson in current day. Mikey's triumphant return to his hometown opens a floodgate of memories surrounding his childhood sweetheart, Claire. The two reminisce and relive their joyful journey from the mid 80's through 90's, reflecting on early middle school dances, neighborhood flashlight tag, basement house parties, prom, and graduation. Their relationship blossoms into a passionate romance, and soon the naive relationship dissipates as a result of societal and personal pressures. 20 years later, fateful circumstances reunited these two entwined souls. Will their love forever be Bound in Before?