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What does a stage manager DO exactly?

Posted by Laura on November 21, 2013 in Conservatory Theatre Company

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What does a stage manager DO exactly?

You always see that title in the program and you've seen their name on the lobby title board. You’ve probably even seen a stage manager at the Playhouse, running around with a headset on and a clipboard in hand, looking pretty important. So what does a stage manager DO exactly? The short answer is: the stage manager does it all. And we mean ALL! Running rehearsals, taking notes, managing conflicts between directors and designers and actors (oh my!), running production meetings, scheduling, getting crew members in place, getting actors in place, calling cues, more scheduling, making sure everything is safe and ready for each performance, and fixing problems on the fly.

Director Patrick Cassidy with the Stage Management Team of Oklahoma!
The Stage Management team for Oklahoma! From left: Director, Patrick Cassidy, Stage Manager Garrett Kerr, Assistant Stage Managers Gina Guerriere, Hugo Schroeder, and Nicole White.

We thought it might be nice to introduce you to one of our student stage managers, senior Garrett Kerr, and let him tell you all about it himself. Check out the video below for his interview, behind-the-scenes footage of the Conservatory Theatre Company’s production of Oklahoma!, and interviews with the production team and cast.

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