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A two-show day at the Playhouse (Photo Journal)

Posted by Laura on November 22, 2013 in Conservatory Theatre Company

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A two-show day at the Playhouse (Photo Journal)

Yesterday’s post showed that our student stage managers take on a lot of responsibility. Today we’ll show you that they know how to have fun too! Senior stage manager, Nik Nemec, thought it would be cool to treat us to a view of a two-show day during the run of Hecuba with the Conservatory Theatre Company. Even though there’s a tragedy going onstage, the cast and crew backstage seem to have a pretty good time.

Here’s a selection from Nik’s photo journal of a two-show day here at the Playhouse.

My day starts around 9 AM on Saturday. It’s early, but it’s a beautiful fall day. First thing, I stop in at another theatre I work for, Gemini Children’s Theater, to pick up a script. Outside of school, I’m a teaching artist, stage manager, and outreach performer for them! I’ve worked with them for 8 years now. One perk of working at Gemini is that the East End Food Co-Op is right next door, so I decided to treat myself to coffee and gluten free pancakes this morning.

I finally get into the Playhouse for my show call. This is our show board in the lobby. That’s me at the bottom!

Ife Foy, one of our musicians and Talthybius, leads the company in a group meditation called Sacred Space before call.

A lot goes on before the show. Before I can call half hour, everything must be ready to go for the performance. A prospective student, Avery, was visiting Point Park this weekend, so we had her tag along back stage for the matinee. She went out with our assistant stage manager, Jessica Kate Matthews, and crew member, Mary Kate Hoag, to check props.

Once the show started, Avery watched as I called the show and imparted all my wisdom on her. First tip: it’s really cold backstage in the Studio so a blanket, or a Snuggie is a must. The show is on, folks!

After the matinee, my assistant stage managers and I walked to Pitt where we planned on pretending that we’re students there to eat in their cafeteria. THEY HAVE A TACO BELL! But we were very upset to learn the dining hall is closed on Saturdays. We compromised with a variety of other fast foods and then I went home for a between-show nap. Hecuba only runs an hour and ten minutes, so there’s plenty of time between shows to rest.

When we get back for the second show, there are lots of group antics. Melessie (Hecuba) took a moment to give some notes to her scene partner before half hour. (His energy was a little low in the first show.)

Before the show we wanted to present a gift to our director, Monica Payne. We got her an “Ohm” symbol and she loved it!

The deck and wardrobe crew wanted to show their love. It’s good to be king. I totally didn’t make them do this. (I totally did.) All kidding aside, these kids are some of the best crew I’ve worked with. We’re a big happy family here at this Greek tragedy.

Eventually we have to get serious and run the second show. It goes well and we’re almost done for the day. Brandon and Jessica touch up the stage after the second show comes down and everything gets reset for the Sunday matinee.

After the show some cast members and I ventured out to Steel City Improv Theater to see Point Park alumni Cassie Brehmer’s farewell (for now) performance with her improv group. Best of luck in NYC Cassie! And then I headed home for the night.

Thanks for checking out my two-show day!
Nik Nemec

Want to see more? The full photo journal is available on Facebook!


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