Our Memories

To say a proper goodbye to the Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland and a welcoming hello to the new Pittsburgh Playhouse downtown, share your fondest, silliest or most sentimental Pittsburgh Playhouse memories. For anyone that the Playhouse has touched, including Point Park University and Conservatory of the Performing Arts alumni, staff, faculty, theatregoers, actors and the public, this is an opportunity to reminisce through its 85 years and submit a memory for consideration to be posted on the Share Your Pittsburgh Playhouse Memories page. Check out other memories and stay tuned for details about the Lights Out Celebration to be held at the Pittsburgh Playhouse on June 18th!

Lillian Russel Room

David Randolph

Class of 1986

My Dear Friend, Sheila McKenna

Michelle Simpson

Class of 1984

Affordable, Quality Theater Makes a Mark

Karen Hart

Where Do I Start?

Doug Mertz

Class of 1980

Top Girls That Ruled the Playhouse

Heidi Swartz Casson

Class of 1994

Too Many Memories

Amy DeHaven

Class of 2002

My Sophomore Year Super Bowl

Mason Lewis

Class of 2017

Into the Woods

Mason Lewis

Class of 2017

Forever Home

Hannah Votta Coleman

Our Playhouse

Jill Hoffman

Class of 1993

Our Town, Our Language

Shane Portman

Class of 2002

Box Office: 9/11/2001

Amy Constantine-Kline

Class of 2000

Core of my Craft

Karen Osinski Dawidowicz

Echoes of the Past

Shane Portman

Class of 2002

Cuckoo’s Nest

Shane Portman

Class of 2002

Home Away From Home

Melissa Young

Class of 1996

I Will Never Leave You

Rachel Marengere

Class of 2017

“A Little Night Music” Lasts for Over Thirty Years

George Hoydich

Blithe Spirit

Chris McClure

The Box Office

Kate Deckenback

Class of 2006

Hans Brinker

Christina Cataldo

Class of 2006

Skating the Rockwell

JR Graff

Class of 2005

Inspiring Change

Daniel Siford

Growing Up at the Playhouse

Steven Wilson

Class of 1996

Too Many Memories

Rory Hughes

First Date

Heather Arnet

Magic in the Pittsburgh Playhouse

Sarah Cohen

Monthly Movie Themes

Joyce O'Connor

Freshmen Crew

Dixie Weidl

Class of 2006

Plays with my Aunt

Patricia Stukus

Class of 2003

Membership Card

Karen White

Chuck as Edmund

Mike Staresinic

Class of 1993

Acting Class, circa 1960

Kathleen Donnelly

Class of 1997

Pittsburgh Playhouse in my Life

Heidi Bros

Memories of my Dad

Daniel Callery

Alfred Kirschman

Alli Noto

Class of 2015

My First Step in the Real World

Kayleigh Cray

Class of 2014

Rockin’ Rehearsals

Hannah Morris

Class of 2015

Family Funday Sundays

Melissa Rush

Meeting the Woman I Love

Kevin Gilmund

Class of 2018

Childhood Acting Lessons

Celeste Vitunic

The Memories Last Forever

Adam Meys

Class of 2007

From the Pittsburgh Playhouse to the Academy Awards

Shirley Jones

Hot L Baltimore

Paulie Dimeo