The Rep

Soldier's Heart

The REP is Point Park University’s professional theatre company.  The REP functions as a laboratory for provocative theatre, producing plays that ask more questions than they answer.  A major part of The REP’s mission is to articulate a Pittsburgh voice, whether by cultivating and exporting works with a local accent or by importing works that speak to this community, while serving as an artistic laboratory for our Conservatory and its professional artists.

This season’s performances challenge us to look within – at our passions and our demons, at our dreams and our delusions, at our perceptions of ourselves and our expectations of others.  They seek to uncover truths about humanity and society.  Together, they lead us outside the comforting bounds of the familiar into expanses we often don’t dare to explore.  The ultimate purpose of this venture is to collectively consider our deepest concerns and try to envision better ways to live.  It a journey of investigation and imagination.

Take this journey of discovery with us.